The Air-Conditioning and Heating Contractors association in Israel

Description of the Association
: The Air-Conditioning and Heating Contractors association in Israel is a registered non-profit organization that unifies and consolidates contractors in the field. Association goals include an increase in the professional awareness of the industry among air conditioning contractors and the image of the industry in the eyes of the general public. The Association seeks to promote and encourage high levels of professionalism and ethical business practices within the industry through professional forums, advertising, conferences, workshops and seminars.

The Association assists with employment issues such as employment agreements and labor relations with the aim of serving as a representative organization for the air-conditioning and heating contractors in Israel.

Among the many Association members are contractors engaged in many different fields of the air-conditioning industry including installation, maintenance, professional consultancy, marketing,
and the import and sale of air-conditioning systems to both public institutions and private client

The Association has been established as a non-profit organization, whereby all revenues from
association membership fees are dedicated to promoting Association goals. The continued success of Association activities to raise awareness and the recruitment of new membership will further secure and expand the operations of the Association and promote the institutionalizationof the branch

Tel:+972-72-2114563 Fax:+972-72-2449876
e- mail:hvac.israel@gmail.com
web site:www.hvacr.co.il

Address: southern industrial area p.box 459 zip code: 2310301, israel
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